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Alain Blanchette’s  ATOMMAN

Are you ready for some action, excitement, some science fiction, then you’ll love this new imprint title from Alain Blanchette. This sci-fi story will grip you tight and make you ask for more. Drawn in a quirky kind of art style, reminiscent from the 1960s and 70s.

Art- Alain Blanchette

Story – Al Blanc

John Smith was a soldier who became part of an experiment that he really knew nothing about an experiment that took place in the Nevada desert. John becomes exposed to an unknown radiation, it does not seem to have exposed anyone else on his military team. The radiation changes John into a strange creature. Unknowingly his team thinks that this creature is a monster, out of fear they try to kill it, not knowing it is actually John. Escaping from the soldiers firing at him, John makes his way into a mysterious cave. What will John find there? Is he safe from the soldiers?!


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